Wifi Connections

Articles aimed at helping with Wifi Connections

Articles (6)

How to Connect to eduroam

Information on connecting to eduroam, and what the service is

How to Connect to Skidmore Guest

Instructions on how to connect to Skidmore Guest when you do not have an account for Skidmore Secure.

How to Connect to Skidmore Secure on a Computer

A step-by-step guide, with pictures, for connecting to Skidmore Secure from a Computer.

How to Connect to Skidmore Secure on a Mobile Device

How to connect your Mobile Device to Skidmore Secure

How to remove Skidmore Guest from a MacOS device

Skidmore Community members should not use Skidmore Guest, as it can interfere with several operations, including printing and accessing Datastor

Removing Skidmore Secure from your iOS device

Important to do when changing your Skidmore password, this document covers removing Skidmore Secure from your phone or iPad.